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The IT pace is insane. If you’re not keeping up, you’re playing catch up. Worse, some of the modern Digital Transformation concepts and technologies such as DevSecOps, Zero Trust, Kubernetes, can make or break your organization. Struggling to move at the pace of relevance, eager to be able to deliver new capabilities with baked-in security multiple times a day so you can leave your competition behind?

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Learn from the teams who implemented DevSecOps on jets, bombers, space and even nuclear systems, in the largest bureaucracy on the planet, the Department of Defense.

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From DevSecOps to Kubernetes to Continuous Monitoring to Culture differentiators, we cover what you need to implement to bring your organization to modern agility.

"Learning with Nic offers easily digestible insight and training enabling anyone to learn the complex, vital and unspoken “whys” that often lurk behind – and can be more important than - the “how” of execution."

Jason Weiss

Jason Weiss

Former Department of Defense Chief Software Officer

Brought to you from World Experts

Founded by Nic Chaillan, the first Chief Software Officer in the U.S. Government, founder of 12 companies after creating his first company at age 15.
Chaillan created the largest DevSecOps implementation in the world, in the behemoth that is the Department of Defense. They deployed modern DevSecOps principles and open source foundational technologies to the largest weapon systems on the planet.

That’s right, they put Kubernetes and Istio, the foundation of the DoD DevSecOps platform, on jets, bombers, space and even nuclear systems.
In one only year, they managed to save a 100-year of time with 27 DoD programs.
Chaillan argues that we didn’t save 100 year, we just didn’t waste them! Russia and more importantly, China, aren’t waiting for us to figure this out.

Now, if Chaillan managed to do this in the DoD, the largest organization, with the most silos, bureaucracy and the most sensitive mission in the world, he thought that our lessons learned, expertise and our experience would also bring value to YOU as well!